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Norwalk, OH


Trusted Lawyer in Norwalk, OH

For the local representation of a Norwalk, OH, lawyer, consider the Law Offices of T. Douglas Clifford, LLC. Our firm aims to provide answers to your legal inquiries and defend you against any charges that have been brought against you.

The legal areas we focus on include criminal law (both felonies & misdemeanors), DUI and all aspects of traffic law. When you allow our lawyer to work for you, you may gain the benefit of our personal attention, which we strive to give on every case. You can also take advantage of our:

  • Accommodating office hours
  • Structured fees

If it appears as if your legal matters have escalated without any way to find relief, then contact the Law Offices of T. Douglas Clifford, LLC, where we're available for appointments seven days a week for your convenience. Give us a call today to schedule with our Norwalk, OH, lawyer and protect your rights.